cernunnos-11_1192291209All of our work intends to bring our customers closer to Soul, and as a whole, Humanity closer to the natural world and the world soul. Our divination and ritual tool crafting are large parts of this, but there is more. Based on our more than two decades of experience in druidic and shamanic practice, we are also available for druidic and shamanic services, such as land reading or blessing, soul retrieval and integration, psychopomp services, dream interpretation, and more. Please contact us with your specific needs.

We are both members in the Ovate grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, and together, we operate the Silver Branch Grove, a druidic and shamanic seed group of the OBOD. We are also members of the Grand Rapids Druidry meetup on




About our Work

It is our hope that all of our work helps to bring our customers into better alignment with the will of their soul, their connection to the web of existence that is the anima mundi.

All of our work, whether readings or crafting ritual tools, is done jointly. In this way the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine infuses all we do. This is the world soul in action, a balancing of energy, and is the path to healing and soul retrieval and integration.