Discover the deeper purpose of your spiritual ancestral heritage


IMGP5285a1200Our names are our most primary connection to the realm of the ancestors. This realm holds much wisdom for us – our ancestors offer us guidance and inspiration. Within our family line also lie hidden the relationships of our family to the world soul. Each family line is an event of synchronicity moving within the wider spheres of the cosmos, of psyche and world.  Name giving, whether of the family or an individual, is an archetypal event that mirrors the state of the cosmos at the moment of naming.

Name giving is a movement of the universe and psyche that reflects the state of the universe at the moment the name is given – there are no coincidences. Name giving is an archetypal and synchronous act of creativity that manifests the anima mundi in our identity. Utilizing a systematic and intuitive, shamanic approach, our Spiritual Genealogy readings reach into the deeper purpose of your spiritual ancestral heritage.


With a Spiritual Genealogy reading, you can:

-Honor your ancestors by understanding your name’s relationship to the cosmos and uncover the deeper meaning of your ancestral line, how you fit into that line, and how your family can contribute to the ongoing creation of the world soul; this is also valuable in marriages, revealing the spiritual heritage of both families and how they fit together

-Align your life within the gifts and challenges of your spiritual ancestral line(s)

-Bring the expression of your family line into harmony with the world soul, therby contributing to the healing of soul for yourself and for the world

-Choose meaningful names for yourself, children, projects, organizations, or in any instance of name giving or changing


Our Spiritual Genealogy Readings

Name giving and writing are both deeply archetypal acts of creativity. In our spiritual genealogy readings, we draw on the ancient archetypal energies within early forms of writing, using either the Norse Runes or the Irish Ogham to discover the deep wisdom of spiritual ancestry within the pattern of a name. By reading the pattern of your name in the symbols of ancient and archetypal alphabets (Ogham or Runes) and journeying to the sacred grove of your primal ancestors, this reading unlocks the mystery of your spiritual heritage and empowers you to reach your full potential and align your ancestral line with the will of the cosmos.

Names are complex, so the possibilities are nearly limitless….if you don’t see what you need below, contact us for a custom reading

Ogham Spiritual Genealogy

Ogham Spiritual Genealogy

Runic Spiritual Genealogy

Runic Spiritual Genealogy

Genealogy and Natal Chart Extended Reading

Genealogy and Natal Chart Extended Reading


What you get:

-A detailed report outlining the significant letters of your name and the deep symbolism of the Ogham or Rune associated with each of these letters

-A detailed report of our journey to your grove. This will be in the form of a journal entry and might include sketches and other primitive artwork

-A detailed analytical interpretation linking all aspects of the reading, providing you with a keen insight into the nature of your spiritual genealogy

-The spiritual genealogy reading is especially powerful in conjunction with an archetypal astrology reading. If you choose a combined spiritual genealogy and extended archetypal natal chart reading, you will also receive an extended natal chart report as described on the page about archetypal astrology. This is also included in the the interpretation described above


Delivery time: as we both contribute to the reading and the journey, and since there is no cut and paste involved, this reading usually takes 5-7 days. We thank you for your patience.




About our Work

It is our hope that all of our work helps to bring our customers into better alignment with the will of their soul, their connection to the web of existence that is the anima mundi.

All of our work, whether readings or crafting ritual tools, is done jointly. In this way the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine infuses all we do. This is the world soul in action, a balancing of energy, and is the path to healing and soul retrieval and integration.