All of our work intends to help you align with will of your soul, which is inherently aligned with web of all existence, the Oran Mor. Within the archetypal and symbolic language of Soul are messages from the otherworlds. Archetypal symbols encountered in various divinatory forms (such as tarot or astrology) invite us into a dialogue with the world soul and toward a fuller expression of our potential. The challenge is to understand the symbolic nature of these events and to understand the message within. Our readings are about understanding and dialoguing with these symbolic messengers.

We can fully inhabit this dialogue by both engaging these symbols and also through the expression of our Self through ritual. Through various forms of archetypal readings and the crafting of ritual tools, our aim is to help inhabit that sacred space free of the distractions of modernity and find the deep serenity that comes from becoming aware of and re-connecting to our unity with the world soul.

Art credit: “2 of Cups” card from the Sacred Circle Tarot