Our readings are shamanic.

We use various divination tools in conjunction with shamanic journeying. Thus, our readings are a process, not a matter of sitting down for 15 minutes and interpreting the symbols based on their traditional meaning. Our reports are not cut and paste compilations of what someone else says; they are reports of our shamanic work. While we can provide a traditional reading, we feel this is not sufficient, nor the true meaning of divination. Symbols can’t always be interpreted on the basis of a standard cultural understanding; they change over time, and especially within individual context – the traditional symbols do not always mean the same for everyone. In our readings, we work closely with what is in direct communication with the spirits – the archetypal symbols of soul and world. We do take traditional meanings into account, but only after we have journeyed to the otherworld and worked with the spirits to receive the true message of the reading.

All of our readings are symbolically alchemical…

…in that they unify opposites. Both of us are involved in the reading and as such they all touch into the divine feminine and divine masculine, uniting them in a new form of intuitive reading. Additionally, our readings work with spirit and matter. The result is a fuller, more nuanced reading.

All of our readings are harmonic.

They are aimed at providing a foundation for you to move closer to alignment with the deeper purpose of the universe as embodied in your life.

Some of the methods we use include archetypal astrology (different from traditional astrology), ogham, the runes, and synchronicity or other significant experiences and images in the natural world. Many of our readings combine two or more of these. The divination process depends on the tool used and the type of reading, but usually takes 5 – 7 days. After the reading, you will receive a detailed report of all aspects of the reading.

Art credit: “The Ancestor” card from the Wildwood Tarot