• Casey Alaina

    Casey Alaina

    For Casey, the world is interconnected and alive. Reading the patterns of this vast web of existence, hearing the subtle and strange and wonderful music of the spheres, and sharing her discoveries with those willing to listen are, for her, deep wells of joy. She strives to combine vitality, compassion, and wisdom into a richness that characterizes all of her work. While formally grounded in the realms of science and embodied wellness, her goal is to holistically unite physical and psycho-spiritual methods of healing work. Her lesson to live by: “As above, so below”
    • James Filleadh

      James Filleadh

      As a part of his continuous engagement with his own soul journey, James is committed to helping others in theirs. This takes many forms. From ecological to artistic to philosophical to divination, James is active in all forms of druidic practice. Degreed in Philosophy and Archetypal Human Science, he is a poet, a photographer, a nature guide and spiritual ecologist, an archetypal mythologist, and a PhD student in depth psychology. He has been a druidic practitioner for two decades, engaging the symbolic layers of soul in the Great Song, the soul of the world, ever striving through mystical experience to uncover and integrate Soul's messages through divination and interpretation of archetypal symbolism found in in the natural world, oracular tools, dreams, and synchronicities.

      In line with a long family heritage of druidic and spiritual practitioners, his motto is: “follow tradition until the spirit tells you not to!”